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Select Your MiniDrive
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Built for the MacBook Air 13"

So that's one with a SanDisk microSD card

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Upgrade your Storage

The easy way!

Adding additional storage to a Macbook shouldn't be complicated,but it can be.The MiniDrive is our solution.It's simple to use,non-destructive and lets you add up to 200GB of extra space.

The MiniDrive is a simple microSD card adapter engineered to finish flush in your MacBooks SD card slot.It has an colour-matched aluminium which matches the finish of the MacBook perfectly.

Plug & Play On-the-Go.

No Annoying Cables

No extra software required.Just insert the MiniDrive inti the SD card slot on the MacBook and watch it appear on your desktop.

The MiniDrive is designed as a semi-permanent storage solution.With no additional cables or parts pretruding from the slot,it can remain in there wherever you go,without being in your way.

Supercharged Read/Write

No more waiting around

The MiniDrive will work with any microSD card without capping the performance of them It has been optomised to deliver a read/write speed upto 120MB/s

More technical information

Integrate Your Apps

Clever little things

Take advantage of the MiniDrive and integrate it with the apps on your MacBook to free up valuable storage space or create a backup in-case the worst happens. We have created helpful guides to help you use the MiniDrive to its full potential:

  • Changing the MiniDrive desktop icon
  • Move your Dropbox folder onto the MiniDrive
  • Move your iTunes folder onto the MiniDrive
  • Set up Time Machine backups onto the MiniDrive

In The Box

1 x Minidrive

We chose to let you add the amount of storage you need yourself.Be sure to add it to your cart along with the minidrive.

Warranty Information

The Thunder Rocket is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original purchase.

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